Sunday, October 31, 2010

Creative Eggshell Art by Gary LeMaster

There are many exponents of the old art form that is egg decoration. Who could forget the bejeweled masterpieces created by Faberge for the Russian czars, for example? But the most intricate of these involves the unbelievably delicate skill of carving designs on egg shells, a practice so detailed and precise it beggars belief how those involved manage it.
Real egg shells are employed in making various designs, intricately and oh so delicately cut using cutting tools, drills etc. All eggs used are infertile examples of those produced by real geese, ostriches, rhea, emus, turkeys, chickens and so on. One of the best in the world at this craft is the very modest Gary LeMaster.
This most remarkable artist, who has never entered any of his sculpture work into competitions, began life being born in New Zealand where his father, a US soldier, was stationed at the time. LeMaster then grew up in the USA, learning how to use tools and the complexities of woodworking from his dad, while gaining a deep appreciation of music and the the fine arts from his mother.
With a mother who had practiced ballet in her youth, collecting many dance trophies, it was no surprise that Gary LeMaster gained a scholarship in music at the University of Iowa. But he chose to pursue studies for a teaching degree instead. From an artistic viewpoint, the realization that he was colour-blind, along with low self esteem in respect of his artistic abilities, persuaded him that art was the wrong career choice.
Having graduated with a teaching degree in Spanish, LeMaster was offered a fellowship to be the first student in the new master's program, and an aversion to being included in the Vietnam war meant that he remained a student. Having taken 25 undergraduate Spanish students to Colombia, where he both taught and studied, LemMster spent a further five years studying languages in pursuit of a Ph.D. in Spanish.
Around this time, he once again began to take an interest in art classes, and the ability that had always bubbled under the surface began to shine through. Though never able to study as an undergraduate arts major, Gary nonetheless won numerous awards for his artwork, notably for book covers as well as for both his pencil and his pen and ink drawings. He soon began to find that college level teaching was not for him, because there was never enough funding to provide the quality of teaching that Gary wished were the norm.
He decided to quit teaching and devote himself to art. The art director of the University of Iowa’s Hospitals and Clinics knew of Gary’s work with eggshell carvings and suggested he put on a one-man-exhibition. He did so, and it was the pivotal moment in his artistic life. Opening on his birthday, the show featured on TV and in newspapers. Within days, his face was recognized wherever he went, and many of his carvings sold to eager buyers.
Gary never looked back. Every Easter after that, TV producers would get back to him and the whole process would once again speed up. He set up his first website in 1996, fielding up to 150 inquiries a day, many on how to do the carving, so he wrote a book on the subject. He founded the Eggshell Sculptor Magazine in 1998, and now runs courses and tutorials, classes, training videos as well as producing stunning works for sale.

Gary LeMaster is probably is the best known eggshell carver around today, simply because he has always supported this unique art so passionately. When asked for a statement, he commented: “My goal was to create pieces that displayed artistic emotion and reflected my love of Oriental art with its delicate balance between the Yin and the Yang - the shell cut away and the shell that remained. During the many years of my journey, I relied on trial-and-error to learn how to carve, engrave, etch and sculpt eggshells."
His amazing creations sell quite readily these days for anything up to $3,000 each, and he takes quite a long time over every individual piece. His sculpted carvings are intricate, delicate and exceptionally beautiful, and there is little doubt that he has never really as yet fully explored the boundaries of possibility for himself in this genre. There is certain to be a wealth of wonderful artwork to come from Gary LeMaster in due course, something we can all anticipate with great pleasure.
All information and images used in this article came from Gary LeMaster's website. As it turns out, Gary is also a fan of Environmental Graffiti, saying of the site: "I visit the site frequently when I need to lose myself for a while, bouncing around from article to photo-spreads, to poetry… It is a wonderful site and I definitely would be honored to appear there."
The honour is all ours, thanks Gary!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Amazing artist who carves pumpkin portraits Art in just two hours

It takes several months to grow the fruit but amazingly just two hours for artist Ray Villafane to sculpt these petrifyingly detailed portraits out of pumpkin.

The American model designer and former art teacher uses spoons and a scalpel to carve the innocent orange gourds into Halloween horrors in double quick time.

As you might expect Villafane, who has worked for D.C and Marvel comics, is very particular about his pumpkins.
'Not all pumpkins will look good and the most important thing about a pumpkin is its weight,' he says.

'You need to pick the meatiest pumpkin.

'Sometimes I pick up a beautifully shaped pumpkin but when I do I realise that it is not heavy enough. Its wall is just not thick enough for the carving rigours.

'I also like a pumpkin with character. One with nobly ridges is good, so that I can utilise that in the carving procedure, like with sculpting noses.'

Villafane, 41, has become a minor celebrity in the States and his weird and wonderful work has featured on a range of TV programmes.

Yet he stumbled on his fruity talent almost by accident.

'I used to be an art teacher for 13 years at a Michigan School called Bellaire school and one day I was approached for Halloween to do some pumpkin carving,' he said.

'Sculpting has always been a passion. I thought why don't I try and carve the pumpkin like it is a piece of clay as opposed to a large vegetable.

'It came out alright, but the most important result was that the kids at the school absolutely loved it.

'I used to arrive at school and there would be a dozen pumpkins just sitting there waiting for me at my classroom.'

Villafane, who is still based in Bellaire, didn't perfect his art immediately and had to punch a lot of pumpkins in frustration while honing his skills.

However, working for D.C comics - the home of Superman and Batman - has helped him honed his talent.

Over the last four Octobers his pumpkins have raised his profile to the point where he has become something of a Halloween staple on TV and across the internet.

'For the past couple of years I have been really sitting down and giving my Halloween pumpkin designs more thought than usual due to the increased interest in my carvings,' he said.

'Now that the thing has grown in popularity I am definitely feeling the pressure to deliver on the pumpkin front.

'The most intricate pumpkin model that I have designed is the Zipperhead model, which took the best part of a day. Otherwise, the models take a couple of hours.

'If it is something that I am creating myself then I will do it off the top of my head, like the skulls and gargoyles. They are a pleasure to make.'

Monday, October 04, 2010

Incredible 3D Paper Art Made by Jeff Nishinaka

Jeff Nishinaka creates Incredible three-dimensional sculptures out of paper.

With each Amazing creation, the artist is transforming regular paper into somethin that looks and feels animated and alive.

Friday, October 01, 2010

40 Amazing Examples of Smoke Art and Photo Manipulation

Smoke art is a set of techniques to create artworks transforming the smoke in different ways. If you're good to manage Photoshop photo manipulation techniques, you can turn the smoke to unimaginable objects. For example, create smoke rose, smoke wolves and many others. You can also use hazy artworks in the advertisement creation, to impart mystical mood, and of course they can be very effectively used in anti smoking ads. Therefore for your inspiration in this post we collect 40 very creative and fascinating examples of smoke art. After you appreciate these works, go to DeviantArt, download free smoke stocks and try to create your own artwork. By the way on psd.tutsplus you can check very cool Photoshop tutorial "Manipulate Smoke to Create Hyper-Real Images " that can helps you learn smoke photo manipulation techniques.

Smoke Mirrior by Designerkratos

Smoke Hand by CodyBuddy

Going to Light Bulb Heaven by Oilcorner

Peace by Arian-1991

:: Halucination :: by Liek

Smoke by Renutheartist

Smoke Playing by Floriandra

Smoke Boy by TomGonets

Smoke by Dsauio

Smoke Demon by XxR3zD3ViLxX

Smoke 1 by Mrwells

Manipulate Smoke by Marcinko85

Smoke Lady by Desperadofromhell

Smoke Dress by S1yk

She's The Smoke... by IceCreamSprinkle

Smoke Angel by Eaross

Smoke Up Some Vodka by WFloW

Smoke Art by NeoSH

Smoke Dragon by Insane-nity

Exhausted by Mignonne Meekels

Tulips In To The Light Smoke by Platon Ivantsov

Resolution by Marcel Pirosca

War by Marcelo Vaz

Smoke And Ashes by Sam Moshaver

Freedom by Danielle Kasony

Poltergeist by Justin Otte, Kode Logic

Steam Machine by Matthias Baeuerle

Smokes Wolves by TomGonets

Scary Smoke by Lumendipity

Darklord (Smoke "Art") by 'PixelPlacebo'

Smoke In a Glass by Whisperwolf

Smoke Abstract, Rose by Herman Au


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